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Simple and quick. Create your last will and testament without a lawyer. For use by married couples and single people, with and without children in all 50 States and Washington, D.C.

Written and edited by licensed attorneys.

If you already have the peace of mind that comes from having an up-to-date will (last will and testament), you can go ahead and ignore this book. If not, this book can help you gain that peace of mind. You will be able to learn some of the basics that are involved in creating a will, as well as have a sample will you can fill in to meet your needs. You can also use this book to learn more about the lawyer that you have retained so you can ask questions about your will.

No matter the size of your estate (that is, no matter how much stuff you have), your estate can benefit from having a will. A will can help reduce family conflict when you state in your will how you want your property to be distributed (given away) after you death. The will in this book can be used to tell your family who will get your house, cars, and even that antique china tea set that has been in the family since before you were born.

If you do not create a will, your State of residence (or in the case of real estate, the State where the property is located), has a plan for you. That may not be what you want. To avoid such undesired distribution of your property, you should create a will.

Written for non-lawyers who want to:

  • understand the basics of creating a will, but have no prior knowledge of what is a will or what a will can do for them,
  • gain from what a will can do, legally and personally,
  • and create a will for themselves and/or loved ones.

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