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What you can expect from Confidence from the Hypnotherapist’s Perspective.

This book incorporates strategies that have been collated through years of education and experience in psychology, psychotherapy, hypnosis, and instructing self-defence. This book aims to achieve what other books can’t: to help you move towards higher self-esteem, confidence, self-assurance, positive self-image, and an unwavering belief in yourselves. This process will also address any problem areas that may be negatively influencing you, so you may move away from negatives such as self-doubt, anxieties, fears, limiting beliefs, and distorted thinking.

Confidence is the progressive movement towards your higher self, which incorporates the feeling of self-assurance especially when faced with negativity. Confidence acts as a shield against external negative influences, but also creates a lens that you perceive the world through. This allows you to find opportunity where others do not and gives you a positive and energetic outlook each and every day, which will only grow stronger with time.

This book will transform you in 30 days
So you can master self-control by building confidence, solid beliefs, and defeat anxiety and self-doubt. All from the experience of a clinical hypnotist.

To aid you in this process, this book offers an in-depth description of all the aspects that contribute to confidence and how these aspects can be incorporated into your life. It will explain why we act the way we do through descriptive psycho-education which will enable you to understand your own thought, emotions, and behaviour, as well as give you a better understanding of that of others. Helpful analogies throughout will aid your understanding of the more complicated phenomena that exist within the human psyche. You’ll be able to make each section applicable to you by completing the enclosed exercises.

What you can expect to gain from this book

• Develop an understanding of your life and the areas within it
• Help to understand the points of your life, your direction, and its motivation
• Understand the power of mind states and mental role modelling
• Learn how to create your own positive suggestion and build better thoughts
• Develop purposefulness and personal importance
• Learn how to maintain a healthy body, brain, and mind
• Maximise your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses
• Develop motivational drive, learn about the law of attraction, and a lifestyle for inspiration

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